How to Make More Money With Google Opinion Rewards
How to Make More Money With Google Opinion Rewards

You may earn money with Google Opinion Rewards to use in the Google Play Store. To make the most of it, follow these suggestions!

Want to get free Google Play applications, games, movies, TV series, and books? The next step is to use the Google Opinion Rewards app, a mobile survey tool that gives you cash in your Google account for each quick poll you successfully complete.

With more than 50 million downloads, this software is well-liked by both Android and iOS users. However, are you making the most of it? With Google Opinion Rewards, might you be earning extra money?

How Does Google Opinion Rewards Work?

We must first look at the way Google Opinion Rewards works before we can study how to get more surveys and convince Google to pay you more. It could not have been used at all, or it might have been used once and forgotten about.

Anyone may take part in Google Opinion Rewards, not only Android users. If you have an iPhone, anyone may download it and benefit from the same paid surveys.

Remember that rewards for iPhone users will be paid to your PayPal account, but rewards for Android users will be sent to your Google account.

Google Opinion Rewards for Android and iPhone may be downloaded for free.

Google Opinion Rewards requires you to sign in to your usual Google account

You will then get a preliminary “test” survey, which will serve two purposes: one, to ensure that sure you understand your role in this win-win situation, and second, to determine your demographic.

You’re frequently surveyed by Google Opinion Rewards based on previous buying experiences. You should be able to respond if you have recently gone shopping.

A few cents are often deposited to your account when you finish a survey, which takes around 10 seconds. You can accumulate enough Google survey rewards credit over the course of a few weeks to use in the Play Store.

When you’re prepared, click Buy and make sure your Google Play balance is listed as the payment method.

Let’s examine how to obtain more now that we understand how it operates.

How to Enable Location Services for More Google Opinion Rewards

While you could be asked about your recent travels, Google Opinion Rewards surveys frequently ask about your online purchases. You have a greater chance of obtaining assessments that ask you where you traveled if Android location services are enabled.

But why the curiosity?

The information is often collected to assist Google Maps get better. Each phone has somewhat different steps, however on vanilla Android, you may make sure the right Location option is chosen by going to Settings > Location and turning it on.

Next, check that Google Location Accuracy is likewise set to On under Location Services.

This is the best choice if you want to make money with Google and uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile networks to determine your position.

What Is the Best Location for Google Opinion Rewards?

Answering this question is challenging since it heavily depends on other elements of your work.

However, living in a metropolis and being active will increase your chances of receiving Google rewards surveys more than doing so in a rural area.

A city offers additional activities and destinations that your mobile device to periodically check in with. As a result, the best way to increase your survey count in Google Opinion Rewards is to have a hectic work, social, and shopping life in a city.

Keep the Google Opinion Rewards App Updated

In addition to enabling location services, you must make sure the app is current.

Having the most recent version of Google Opinion Rewards installed is highly advantageous because updates to the survey collection system might not be compatible with previous versions.

You may manually update programs on the Play Store and in the App Store, despite the fact this should happen automatically by default.

How to Get More Surveys on Google Opinion Rewards

You have to make sure the app is up to date in addition to activating location services.

It is highly recommended to install the most recent version of Google Opinion Rewards since upgrades to the survey collecting system might not be compatible with older versions.

The Play Store and the App Store both allow for manual software updates, even though this is something that ought to happen properly by default.

Getting out and about is profitable for your Google Play balance, so remember to check the app, and answer truthfully, and promptly!

Get Google Opinion Rewards for Christmas

You’ll earn more from Google Opinion Rewards in the last quarter of the year (September to December) because this is when you normally purchase during the Christmas season, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise but is still worth mentioning.

Companies who use Google to poll its customers are interested in learning about your purchasing patterns, so it seems to reason that they would want to get this data during the season when you shop the most owing to Google’s “instant gratification” surveys.

So, in the run-up to Christmas, make sure you have Google Opinion Rewards installed, updated, and frequently checked if you want to earn Play Store credits with it.

Get More Google Opinion Rewards by Watching Videos

Google may also ask you to watch and rate videos in order to get your feedback. This implies that you must be prepared to watch the films as soon as they are supplied.

Typically, Google will utilize YouTube videos to determine your level of interest. They nearly seldom include locating advertisements for you, but this does occasionally occur.

All you have to do is view the video, make sure it played properly, and then rate it.

Your reward will then be applied to your balance once you’ve completed this.

Complete a Google Rewards Survey to Improve Video Recommendations

Additionally, Google may check to see if you’ve already seen a specific video and utilize the details you supply to better match YouTube videos to your interests.

Have you already had this YouTube video recommended to you? will be the first question on such a survey. and asks you to reply appropriately after that.

Follow-up inquiries Analyze your level of confidence in your original response and if you would like to see a recommendation like that in the future.

It is worthwhile to answer the question since it can provide you about 30 cents into your Google Rewards account.

Don’t Let Your Rewards Run Out!

Seeing your Play Store account balance grow is a pleasant experience. Your most recent balance will be shown each time you finish a survey.

The credit from Google Opinion Rewards expires after a year, so you must continue using the app and using the credits. You will have squandered your time and effort if you don’t.

Keeping a list of the applications and games you wish to purchase is an excellent method to prevent this from happening. By selecting the Add to wishlist option and saving items for later, you may accomplish this.

To view the products in your wishlist, click My wishlist in Google Play.

5 Ways to Spend Your Google Opinion Rewards

There are several options for using your Google Opinion awards. Need inspiration? Your credit allows you to:

Pay a subscription fee for an educational app.

Get a book or movie.

Get ready for some premium games.

ad-supported to premium app upgrade

Contribute to a Google One subscription

In essence, the majority of your Google Play Store purchases can be covered by Google Opinion Rewards. You won’t make a lot of money or enough to watch a movie every week, either. However, it’s still a nice offer.

Make Google Opinion Rewards Work for You

Google Opinion Rewards is an app that everyone should use because it’s simple to set up, free to use, and has some straightforward ways to obtain more surveys and earn more money.

Media purchases on Android are basically free because to the ability to accrue credit just by moving around. If you use an iPhone, the bargain may even be better for you because your money will be credited to PayPal so you may use it as you choose.

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