Is your Samsung phone taking a lot more movies than still pictures? You must turn off Motion Photos on your Galaxy handset in order to stop it.

Is your Samsung phone taking quick videos rather than pictures? You may have unintentionally turned on the Motion Photo feature in this instance. When photographing subjects that might blink, talk, move, or otherwise jeopardize the shot, it can be helpful to do this.

However, you might not always require it. Here’s a guide on disabling Motion Photos.

How Does Samsung’s Motion Photos Work?

As you release the shutter button, a quick three-second video is captured in the Motion Photo mode. By doing so, you may give your pictures more context, which will look beautiful in your photo albums. In addition, your phone will record audio when this mode is active to properly capture the atmosphere.

As Samsung’s reaction to the iPhone’s Live Photos, you may be familiar with the concept behind Motion Photos if you’ve ever had an iPhone device.

Once a motion picture is taken, it may be played back and the best frame can be chosen to be saved as a still picture. When you find the ideal frame, select View motion photo and pause the film. In the bottom-left corner, click Preview to save it as a separate image. Tap the image preview to save it after that.

How to Turn Off Motion Photos on Samsung

It might be best to disable Motion Photos if your phone is running low on storage. Motion shots take up more space than still images because they are essentially videos.

Open the Camera app if you want to resume taking ordinary images. Next, tap the icon for Motion Photos. You should get a notice on your phone confirming that you have disabled the feature.

To turn off Motion Photos, you might need to tap on the Settings icon on your phone. Tap on the icon once more to turn on Motion Photos once more.

You should also be aware that different photo modes are incompatible with Samsung’s Motion Photo. For instance, it won’t function if Night Shot, Single Take, or Macro modes are turned on.

Can You Share Motion Photos?

On social media programs like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, you may send moving pictures to your pals. Instead of a three-second video, viewers will receive an image. The same holds true if you upload the video to your story.

Open the motion photo, then hit the three dots at the bottom of the screen to transmit it as a quick movie. either Export after that, and depending on your preferences, either GIF or Video.

There is no reason to continue using this camera mode if you find motion photos to be bothersome. Even if you don’t obtain the ideal shot, Android has a ton of editing options at your disposal. You can change the temperature of the image, enhance the contrast, or even remove undesired elements.

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