Make your video recording process seamless using CapCut’s teleprompter feature. Here’s how to do it.

CapCut has lots of handy video editing and recording tools, including a teleprompter. Here’s how to set it up and use it for easier and more successful videos. You can then post them on TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms directly from CapCut.

What Is CapCut’s Teleprompter?

The teleprompter simply allows you to enter the text you wish to narrate, alter its appearance, and read it aloud while recording.

Your script is typically simple to memorize if you use CapCut to produce short videos that are no longer than 15 or 60 seconds. However, longer content on more difficult subjects can make the process more challenging.

Instead of reading from a different device or holding a notebook behind your phone, you can use CapCut’s teleprompter by following the easy instructions below.

1. Plan Your Script

Consider what you want to say in a specific amount of time because this will effect how you record the video on CapCut. For instance, videos longer than three minutes must be completed in a single take. You may combine various clips to create shorter videos.

The finest scripts are concise and to the point; exclude extraneous information. Our scriptwriting advice for YouTube videos also applies perfectly to CapCut content.

2. Activate Your Video’s Teleprompter

On your mobile device, launch the CapCut app, choose Expand, and then choose Prompter. Alternately, enter Camera directly, expand your toolbar by tapping the arrow, and launch Teleprompter.

3. Type or Paste in Your Script

Tap the pen symbol once your teleprompter is open. Enter your script on the following page. You are only allowed 5000 characters. You can copy and paste the script into the teleprompter if you authored it anywhere else. Just make sure you stay inside the allotted characters.

4. Adjust the Teleprompter’s Settings

Tap Done to get back to the teleprompter after your text is complete. To access the settings, click the bolt icon from there. The teleprompter will start up immediately when CapCut is used. It will scroll through your script so you can see any changes you make in action.

The teleprompter’s speed, font size, and color can be changed. To ensure that you can read comfortably and at a good pace, practice reading the script aloud and alter its settings. one finished, tap the bolt icon one more.

To move the panel around the screen, tap and hold the crossed arrows icon on the main teleprompter. Put it in a convenient location for reading. Keep your eyes level to give the impression that you are speaking straight to the audience for the best outcomes.

5. Start Recording and Reading Your Script

Once you’ve configured CapCut’s teleprompter, you may click the small x button to end the feature and make any other necessary adjustments. On CapCut, you could make a green screen video that you could overlay with the teleprompter.

When you’re ready, turn on your script again and press the Record button. Prior to the camera beginning to record and the teleprompter beginning to move and highlight your text, there will be a three-second countdown. When the video is paused, the script also stops.

6. Review and Reshoot the Video as Necessary

If the script is rolling too fast or too slow or the video just doesn’t make the right impact for one reason or another, you can scrap it and start over without losing the script.

Make any necessary teleprompter modifications. Try changing the location, the angle, or the overall design of the film, such as using CapCut to make a copy of yourself without a green screen.

These kinds of original concepts can help your TikTok post convey your message in a more enjoyable manner. Combine them with carefully thought-out and scheduled teleprompter scripts. You can interact with your audience and present yourself more effectively.

CapCut’s Teleprompter Is a Small but Invaluable Feature

Use CapCut and its teleprompter for your videos instead of memorizing lines or reading them from a notepad or computer.

You can quickly customize it thanks to its extremely basic settings. While you refine your content, there may be some back and forth, the effort will be worthwhile because it will increase your presentation, following, and overall social media visibility.

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